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X-rite ColorChecker Passport

Your Passport to Better Colour!

The Passport encloses three durable targets in one compact protective case, perfect for slipping into a pocket or camera bag. The case also acts as an adjustable easel to enable you to easily position the Passport on the appropriate angle for the lighting in your scene.

The Passport has the industry standard Classic target (formerly known as Macbeth), a Creative Enhancement target for one-click warming or cooling of white balance, evaluating shadow detail and highlight clipping, and additionally a White Balance target for custom in-camera white balancing.

Included with the Passport is software enabling you to create custom DNG profiles for use in Adobe Camera Raw compatible software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Elements). This incredibly useful tool is a great value at only $130.



Profoto D1 Air

Super performance in a small package

Profoto's latest series of self-contained flashes are amazing. The Air designation refers to built-in wireless syncing and remote control. In addition to syncing the flashes, the compact hot shoe mounted Air Remote controls the power level and model lights of up to eight units, either individually or in unison.

D1s have a seven f-stop range adjustable in one-tenth stops, with power levels as low as 8 Ws. They are perfect for digital work as built-in microprocessors ensure output consistency to ± 0.05 f-stop and ± 30 ºK flash to flash, at every power level. D1s have short recycling times, 1 second for the 500, 2 seconds for the 1000, and yet their sophisticated power supply enables multiple units to be used on one standard electrical circuit. The D1s are compatible with the full line of Profoto light shaping tools, giving you access to a wide range of lighting styles. We have them in Rentals, so you can find out just how sweet they are before you buy.



Profoto Air Sync

compact - intuitive - reliable

Profoto has recently introduced Air Sync radio slaves for wirelessly triggering flashes and remote cameras. Air Syncs are simple to operate and have eight unique channels. They are transceivers, switchable between transmitter and receiver modes.

Like PocketWizards, Air Syncs work reliably over long distances, yet at comparable prices they offer more. Profoto has reduced their size and eliminated the annoying external aerial. Operating at 2.4GHz they are approved for world wide use. Additionally, Air Syncs are compatible with Profoto's Air Remote system.