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DSLR & 35mm
Nikon 28mm f3.5 PC lens $379
Canon 580 EX II speedlite with 4 Eneloop rechargeable batteries $119
Canon 430 EX II speedlite $95
Nikon 70-210mm AF f4-5.6 $95
Tamron 28-200mm f3.8-5.6 AF Nikon mount $79
Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 Sony A/Minolta mount $79
Minolta Rokkor-X 24mm f2.8 MF MD-mount $195
Quantum Trio hotshoe flash (Nikon or Canon dedication available) with new Godox PB960 battery pack $249
Medium Format
Hasselblad 500CM Camera Kit
Body w/waist level finder & PM5 prism, acute matte screen D, 80mm CF lens w/hood & quick focus lever, A12 film back, pistol grip, leather strap, circular polarizer w/B60 adapter, cable release - all excellent condition
Hasselblad 60mm Zeiss Distagon CF f/3.5 T* with original box $1,095
Hasselblad 120 F4 Macro CFi T* lens with hood $1,195
Hasselblad V series 1.4X E Teleconverter $595
Hasselblad H series focus screen $49
Fuji GX680 gear"
"the ultimate analogue medium format camera"
Nippon Kogaku Porroflex Viewfinder $45
Large Format
Sinar F w/o lens $245
Sinar 12" Rail Extension $135
Cambo lens shade $75
Cambo standard bellows $49
8x10 300mm f5.6/ 500mm f12 Convertible Schneider Symar (Copal #3) $795
Profoto Acute/D4 Head - As Is, break in trigger wire in cable, flash tube & pyrex clean $259
Profoto Zoom Reflector $69
Profoto 40" Umbrella - 2 available $59
Profoto 7b Kit, (pack, battery, head, reflector, charger, case) $895
Profoto Pro5 2400 Pack with 3 Pro Heads $1,395
ProFoto Pro-7a 2400 Pack $2,695
ProFoto Pro-7 Flash Tube 101528 - new, unused $245
Dynalite lighting package
M1000 pack, 1 - 2040 head, 2 - Flashstyx heads, grid holder, speed ring, with bag - price reduced
Tripods & Grip
Bowens Hi-Glide Rail System
2 15' rails, 2 12' rails, 3 6' pantographs
LPL 8" x 10" 2 blade easel $29
50mm f4 Nikon EL-Nikkor Enlarger Lens $50
50mm f2.8 Rodenstock Rodagon Enlarger Lens $240
8x10 paper safe $10
Nikkor 35mm stainless steel reels $15
Nikkor 120 stainless steel reels $15
Negative Carrier for Beseler 4x5 enlarger - 35mm, 4x5 $75 each
Negative Carrier for Omega D enlarger - 6x7 $75
Minolta Flash (& ambient) Meter III $119
Lee 4"x4" 81A resin filter $49
Lee 4"x4" 81B resin filter $49
Tamron DB01 lens hood for AF 180mm Macro $15
Quantum Turbo Cable for Vivitar $29
Metz SCA 543 TTL Module with cable for Nikon $49
NOTE: Paramount Turbo Cables NOT suitable for use with Quantum Turbo 2x2 or T3
Paramount Turbo Cable for Metz CT series $29
Paramount Turbo Cable for Metz CL series $29
Paramount Turbo Cable for NIkon SB-28 and older $29